How To Dye Your Own Sugar For Sugar Art

18 October 2019
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Sugar is most often thought of as a sweet substance that makes food taste better, but in fact, it can also make for some really stunning artwork. Whether you layer various colors of sugar in a bottle, glue it to a piece of poster board, or use it to create bowls of rainbow color that you only display short-term, sugar can be a beautiful art medium. And while you can buy colored sugar to use in these art projects, it's actually pretty simple to make your own. Read More 

Are You In Charge Of Food For Your Company’s Planning Meeting?

19 September 2018
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Does your company have a big planning meeting at the beginning of the year? Perhaps this is the time that you establish goals, agendas, worker's vacation schedules and everything else that has to do with running a company. Are you the owner of your business? Maybe you are a general manager or assistant to a head honcho. Whatever the reason is that you are in charge of food for your company's next planning meeting, from arranging for coffee delivery to planning a meal, here are some ideas that might help you. Read More 

Having Authentic Chinese Food For The First Time? 3 Dishes That Are Worth A Try

12 September 2018
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Visiting an authentic Chinese restaurant in the next few days and not sure what to order from the menu? While the menu may be a bit overwhelming because the restaurant likely serves an impressive selection of unfamiliar dishes, there are many authentic Chinese dishes that are certainly worth a try because they are loaded with plenty of flavor. Start With a Savory Soup Before ordering your main course meal, start with a savory soup from the menu. Read More 

Tips For Choosing Foods For Your Event

11 September 2018
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If you are going to be having a large party or throwing another type of event, then you may be planning on having it catered. There are many benefits that come with ordering catering for an event. One of the things you will need to decide on is the type of food you want to offer to your guests. Here are some things you want to think about when you are trying to figure this out: Read More 

Healthy Local Foods To Stock Up On At Your Local Fall Farmers Market

9 September 2018
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If you've decided to eat healthier and want to eat foods produced locally as much as possible, then consider purchasing these items from a local farmers market this fall. Eggs and Chicken Meat Nothing beats the eggs and chicken meat available at your local farmers market. The eggs aren't those anemic-looking ones at the grocery store with the light yellow yokes. They will have bright yolks and taste a lot better than their grocery store relatives. Read More