What To Consider When Getting Private Flight Catering

23 May 2023
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


If you plan on taking a private flight and you want to have it catered, you'll have many options to choose from. It's a little different getting a private flight catered than most events, but there are many similarities as well. The important things to consider are the length of the flight, the number of mouths to feed, the kinds of foods you want, etc. 

If you want to get your private flight catered, here are some of the things you should consider:

Meal Options

When you hire caterers to prepare food for a private flight, you'll likely have many meal options to choose from. You might have the option of choosing different dishes for each passenger, or everyone might be served the same dish.


During your flight, you'll likely want to have access to other food besides your meals. That's especially true when you have a long flight. Be sure to tell the caterers to include things like snacks and desserts as well. 


Aside from the meals, snacks, and desserts, you'll also want the caterers to provide drinks for your private flight. Whether that’s water, soda, alcoholic beverages, etc., if you let them know what drinks you want on board, they'll make it happen. 


If anyone on your flight has food allergies, it's vital that you let the caterers know about them. Plane cabins are enclosed spaces, so even if someone with a food allergy doesn't have the ingredient they're allergic to on their plate, they could still be exposed to it. 

Keeping the Food Fresh

It can be a little harder to keep the food fresh and at the right temperature when you get a private flight catered. At most events, there will usually be lots of space, kitchen access, etc., that helps the caterers keep your food fresh. When you get a private flight catered, they'll usually utilize special storage containers and equipment to ensure your food is fresh and stored at the proper temperature. 

Will the Catering Staff Serve You on the Flight?

One major difference between getting catering for a typical event and a private flight is the staff usually won't join you on the flight. There is typically limited space on the plane, so you'll likely have the caterers prepare the food ahead of time, and you'll take it with you on the flight. However, if you do want the caterers to be on the flight with you so they can serve the food, that is usually an option as well.

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