How To Become Better At Wine Tasting

4 September 2018
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Whether you want to be better prepared for the next wine tasting event that you are attending or you simply want to know your wine better for your own fulfillment, you will want to make sure that you are spending some time evaluating the following suggestions. By putting these tips to good use the next time you have some wine, you will find that the experience will be so much more enjoyable.

Swirl The Wine Before Sniffing It

You will want to gently swirl the wine around in the glass and then carefully take a good whiff of its scent. The reason you want to swirl the wine around in the glass is not to look fancy but to actually introduce some oxygen into the wine. When the wine gets more oxygen, its fragrance becomes stronger so you can smell it better.

Hold It In Your Mouth For A Little Bit

You do not want to just chug down the wine or immediately swallow little sips that you take. Instead, you will want to take a gentle sip and hold it in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it. This will allow it to really reach all of your taste buds in order for you to get the full experience of the wine that you are trying.

You Might Want To Spit At Wine Tasting Events

Every event may be held a little differently, so it is important to ask before you go or once you arrive if there is a spit cup or bucket. The reason some wine tasting events will provide these is because they are putting out a very large selection of wine for everyone to taste. Some people may not be able to drink from each sampling without becoming intoxicated, and they then would not be able to drive home. In such cases, the event organizer will either offer extremely tiny samples of each wine or provide everyone with a cup or spit buckets that they can use to discard the wine once they are done tasting it. This allows everyone to still put a good bit of wine in their mouth in order to get the full flavor without having to ingest all of it.

Now all you have to do is get signed up for an upcoming wine tasting event or go buy some, such as Sauternes wine, for your own collection at home. This way, you can start to put your new wine tasting skills to the test.