Healthy Local Foods To Stock Up On At Your Local Fall Farmers Market

9 September 2018
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


If you've decided to eat healthier and want to eat foods produced locally as much as possible, then consider purchasing these items from a local farmers market this fall.

Eggs and Chicken Meat

Nothing beats the eggs and chicken meat available at your local farmers market. The eggs aren't those anemic-looking ones at the grocery store with the light yellow yokes. They will have bright yolks and taste a lot better than their grocery store relatives. Additionally, the meat of a fresh chicken grazed instead of factory farmed is much more tender and flavorful. 

Grass-Fed Beef

If you have never had grass-fed beef, then you are missing out on a much more tender and flavorful meat than you can buy in the store. Ask the rancher if they finish their beef cattle with grain as this step is necessary to remove the game flavor found in completely grass-fed beef.


Not only is local honey very flavorful, it is also very helpful for people who suffer from seasonal allergies. The pollen in honey often alleviates allergies if you consume honey harvested in your local area. Also, when you get a fall cold, you can eat a spoonful of honey and it will make your throat stop hurting.

Nut Oils

If you like to fry foods and make your own salad dressings, then farmers market nut oils can't be beaten. Oils such as artisan pecan oil and peanut oil have a high flash point for cooking and also add nice nut flavors to salad dressings.

Nut Butters

If your family likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch but everyone is a bit tired of peanut butter, then you absolutely must try almond butter and pecan nut butter. These nut butter varieties are both healthy and go really well with the jams and jellies also sold at the farmers market.


Commercially grown onions are varieties meant to travel and store well versus being grown for flavor. Locally grown onions, shallots, and green onions will have a lot better flavors when used in your family's favorite recipes. 


Finally, if you like to paint and make crafts, then purchasing gourds from the fall farmers market will give you some great natural canvases to create holiday gifts. Cut a hole in the gourds with a drill equipped with a round hole bit and you can make birdhouses for the migrating spring birds.

Visit a local farmers market to buy from vendors like Oliver Farm.