Having Authentic Chinese Food For The First Time? 3 Dishes That Are Worth A Try

12 September 2018
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


Visiting an authentic Chinese restaurant in the next few days and not sure what to order from the menu? While the menu may be a bit overwhelming because the restaurant likely serves an impressive selection of unfamiliar dishes, there are many authentic Chinese dishes that are certainly worth a try because they are loaded with plenty of flavor.

Start With a Savory Soup

Before ordering your main course meal, start with a savory soup from the menu. Beef noodle soup is one of the flavorful options that is worth a try. The soup typically consists of braised beef with beef broth, assorted Chinese vegetables, and noodles. The beef simmers in the broth for hours, giving the soup that naturally wholesome flavor that it has. The beef noodle soup may contain thick noodles that are made from wheat flour.

Try Peking Duck as a Main Dish

If you like to eat chicken, you cannot go wrong with Peking duck. If you have never tasted duck before, the flavor and texture is a lot like chicken, so it may be something that you will enjoy. The dish is roasted for several hours to give it that crispy coating, and then it is covered in a slightly sweet sauce that is made using apricots. It is the perfect main course because it is a perfect blend of sweet and savory. If you are going to get the Peking duck, you may want to have a side of fresh vegetables with it, such as a blend of broccoli, bok choy, and Chinese celery.

Finish Your Meal With Some Dessert

The perfect way to end your night at the Chinese restaurant is to try out one of the authentic desserts that are featured on the menu. Some of the desserts may include mooncakes, candied fruit, or egg custard tarts. Although mooncakes are a popular choice, they may be a seasonal dessert. They are typically offered at restaurants during the fall season.

If you have plans to visit an authentic Chinese restaurant, these are some of the dishes that may be worth a try. It is a good idea to start your meal off on the right foot by choosing from one of the savory soup options. After you have had a chance to try the soup, go for a main dish, such as the crispy and flavorful Peking duck with a side of fresh Chinese vegetables. As a finishing touch to your meal, choose from one of the desserts that are offered at the Chinese restaurant.

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