Are You In Charge Of Food For Your Company's Planning Meeting?

19 September 2018
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


Does your company have a big planning meeting at the beginning of the year? Perhaps this is the time that you establish goals, agendas, worker's vacation schedules and everything else that has to do with running a company. Are you the owner of your business? Maybe you are a general manager or assistant to a head honcho. Whatever the reason is that you are in charge of food for your company's next planning meeting, from arranging for coffee delivery to planning a meal, here are some ideas that might help you.

Start With Coffee Services - If your place of business already has an established service where coffee is delivered, you're good to go. Otherwise, consider arranging for coffee delivery during the time that you will be having your planning meeting. Consider having black coffee delivered and ask for assorted creamers that include flavors like caramel, hazelnut and other flavors you think your coworkers will enjoy. Another idea is for you to take orders before the planning meeting is held. Write down the names of each person who will be attending the meeting and write down his or her own coffee preference. You might even get some orders for iced coffee. When you place your order with the coffee service, be sure to tell the clerk the date and exact time that you'll want the coffee to be delivered.

Plan The Meeting's Meals - How long will the planning meeting last? If you'll start early in the morning, consider having a simple breakfast set out for those who didn't eat before they left for work. You could have fruit, individual yogurt and muffins set out. The addition of juice and coffee will be a great accompaniment to the breakfast. If the meeting is a long one, a mid-morning snack will probably be greatly appreciated. Consider having healthy shakes delivered for the break. Will you be in charge of lunch, too? If so, think about ordering for pizza delivery or for a sub sandwich tray delivery. Cookies or brownies would be nice for dessert. And, of course, sodas or coffee to go with the simple lunch meal will be a good addition.

Consider having daily coffee delivery for others who work in your office. You'll probably be surprised at how affordable this service is. Think about finding out ahead of time how many people will want to be part of the delivery so that you can have their preferences when you place the order. Contact a company like Five Star Water to learn more.