Serving Beer At Your Wedding? Bottles And Cans Vs. Kegs

24 February 2021
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Do you plan to serve beer at your wedding? While beer may not always be a traditional wedding choice, it's the perfect choice for many modern couples. But how should you serve that beer at your reception? Here are a few pros and cons to choosing either cans and bottles or kegs. 

The Pros of Serving Cans and Bottles

Beer in cans and bottles have a few important advantages. First, you can easily scale up or down the amount of beer served. Because cans and bottles are individual servings, you can add and take away as the guest list is adjusted even up until the last minute. 

In addition, you have more variety and flexibility when using cans and bottles. You can serve a wider array of beer, such as IPAs for some and light wheat beers for others. This gives guests more choice and makes the alcohol element of your reception fun and interactive. Cans and bottles give you access to smaller craft and microbrewery beers, resulting in a more cozy feeling. 

Finally, bottles and cans are generally easier to return if unused. Check with your beer supplier to find out their return policy, of course. But you'll likely find this is the best way to get any money back if you've overestimated the need. 

The Pros of Serving Keg Beer

A keg can be a very economical way of serving beer if you know you need larger amounts of it. Most couples know that in the world of wedding planning, the ability to buy in bulk can drive down costs significantly. This is true with your alcohol as well. 

Serving beers on draft from kegs may also provide a different — and possibly better — drinking experience than bottled and canned varieties. While this step may not matter to some guests, others will appreciate the improved taste. Only you know if your wedding guests are beer connoisseurs that will notice this. 

Where to Start

Every couple should analyze the pros and cons of all their beer choices before they commit to a method. While individual servings provide greater variety and potential for returns, they may not be the most cost-effective choice for big parties. And although a keg is a great choice for taste and experience, it puts natural limits on variety. 

The best way to find the right balance for your wedding is to meet with a beer supplier in your area. They can help you assess your budget, your goals, and your party to find the perfect answer. Meet today to get started.